Ä TNA Presse 2023 03 Janine Sametzky
Friday, August 16 2024, 8 p.m. - 9 p.m


In a departure from their usual instrumental setup, ÄTNA's Electronic Live set takes center stage, showcasing another facet of their musical ingenuity. Demian Kappenstein's knack for crafting organic beats now finds a digital expression, while Inéz's vocal prowess, paired with synthesizers, continues to meld melodies into a futuristic soundscape. Their tracks like "Ruining My Brain" and "Come To Me" exemplify a seamless fusion of art pop and indietronica, with electronic rhythms and captivating vocals evoking a sense of longing. The duo's aesthetic, extending into fashion and design, further enriches their electronic performances, making each show a visually and sonically cohesive experience.

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