Festival Date

August 16-18, 2024


Kerizore Izella, 29100 Le Juch

Opening hours

Festival site
Friday August 16 12pm - 2am
Saturday August 17 12pm - 2am
Sunday August 18 12pm - 2am

The gastronomy is open every day until 2am.

Friday August 16 9 a.m. to Monday August 19 2 p.m.


Adult - 70€
Youth (13-17 years) - 35€

Adult - 50€
Youth (13-17 years) - 25€

Adult - 30€
Jeunes (13-17ans) - 15€

Children up to 12 years old have free admission and do not need a ticket.

Access: An e-ticket must be printed in A4 format or downloaded to your phone in PDF format from the purchase ticketing platform.

Information: Child/​youth tickets require mandatory ID upon entry.


Your tickets will be exchanged for festival wristbands at the entrance.


1. Your tickets will be scanned

2. You will receive a festival wristband

3. Security check

4. Yohoo, here we go, let's go!


Bags, Strollers & Co.

In order to get to the festival site as quickly as possible, please leave your bags at home. If you have a bag with you, only fill it lightly and with the essentials. This is how we minimize waiting times for everyone together. Due to the reinforced security measures at the entrance, these bags are authorized:

  • - Belt bags/​hip bags "banana"
  • - Sports bags
  • - burlap bag
  • - Backpacks and large bags (for hiking: larger than DIN A4) are not permitted.

Families are allowed to bring one backpack or bag and stroller per child. Due to the extensive checks, longer waiting times are possible. We thank you for your understanding.

You can bring:

  • - Belt bags, waist bags, jute bags, sports bags up to DIN A4
  • - Strollers — only at the family entrance
  • - One bag per child — only at the family entrance
  • - Tots and rain poncho
  • - Simple 35 mm cameras without lens
  • - cell phones
  • - Small power banks
  • - Binoculars
  • - Coverage
  • - Sealed sunscreen up to 100ml
  • - Deodorant: no spray deodorant, only deodorant sticks or rolls in plastic packaging
  • - Empty plastic bottles and plastic drinking bags up to 0.5 liters, empty backpacks smaller than A4, collapsible cups

Medicines or medical equipment — please contact info@chezhubert.bzh in advance.

Please leave this at home:

  • - Backpacks, bags larger than DIN A4
  • - Professional camera and sound recording equipment, tripods, lenses or other camera accessories
  • - Go Pros, drones and selfie sticks
  • - Glass containers (also perfume bottles), rigid packaging
  • - Canisters, disposable or returnable PET bottles (e.g. lemonade, mineral water, etc.), Tetra Paks, cups, backpacks or bags larger than A4
  • - Cans (also hairspray, deodorant, etc.)
  • - CS gas, pepper spray, animal repellent sprays
  • - Flammable liquids, disinfectants
  • - Pyrotechnic articles
  • - Chains, poles, sticks, torches, banners
  • - Hammocks, tents, umbrellas
  • - Own grocery store — there will be enough culinary alternatives for allergy sufferers
  • - Cooler bags, other heavy containers
  • - Cartridge belts, weapons and any dangerous object (pointed, sharp, hot etc.)
  • - Intoxicants, drugs
  • - Radios, walkie-talkies
  • - Skateboards, scooters, bicycles — there is a place reserved for them in front of the entrance
  • - Chairs or other furniture
  • - Leaflets, stickers or the like
  • - Eddings, permanent markers
  • - Animals
  • - Accessories or costume pieces that glorify violence (for example, weapons)


Please keep the environment clean and use the garbage cans provided. THANKS!


Smoking is not permitted in the tents! You can smoke in the open air, but we ask that you dispose of cigarette butts in the bins provided. We ask you not to smoke in the area reserved for children.


Wheelchair access is possible. In addition to barrier-free restrooms, we offer a wheelchair platform in front of the main stage.

Severely disabled people with the mention B on their severe disabled pass can take a companion with them free of charge. They will receive a festival bracelet at the cash desk at the main entrance upon presentation of the severely disabled person's identity card.

Sun and shade

We can't cover the whole field, and as an outdoor festival we don't want to either. Nevertheless, we will create as much shade as possible on the festival site with parasols, sun sails and circus tents.


The campsite is for free. The tent camping area is next to the festival area. The vehicle campsite is a 5-minute walk from the festival site. The campsites are guarded 24 hours a day and have sanitary facilities.

Photographs / Recordings, sound and video

Photography for private use is permitted. Only 35mm cameras without lenses and mobile phones with photo functions are allowed on the premises. Recordings of any kind are prohibited without the express authorization of the organiser/​artist.


Drinks are only sold on the festival site in plastic cups, for which a €2 deposit is required.


Dogs and other animals are not allowed.


Crowd-surfing, stage diving, pogoing, stage climbing and crossing are prohibited. Failure to comply with this rule may result in exclusion from the festival.

Earplugs / Noise Protection

During concerts, there may be a risk of hearing and health damage due to the volume. We recommend using earplugs. Above all, we advise all parents to ensure that their little ones are protected from noise, for example by using noise-canceling headphones. These noise-canceling headphones can be rented free of charge at the information point near the entrance with a deposit of € 20.