EXTR Acrop Credit Athos Burez


J. Bernardt, the project of Jinte Deprez known for being the co-leader of the belgian group Balthazar, makes his big solo comeback after 7 years of absence with the announcement of his new album Contigo to be released on May 17 via Play It Sam again! Contigo (meaning "with you" in Spanish) is a dramatic, compelling and colorful work, steeped in drama and brought to life by sumptuous melodies, vocals and production. The album explores all phases of a breakup: shock, sadness, anger, denial, hurt, acceptance... and is viciously romantic in the process. A classically trained violinist, Deprez performed all of the orchestrations for Contigo. He is something of a generalist: singer, composer, instrumentalist, arranger, producer, engineer, programmer. While the mix of sounds on his first effort Running Days was shaped by electronics, the new album Contigo is based on an old-fashioned band formation - namely a group of Deprez's friends whom he guided through intense rehearsals and performances in search of that spark. He adds: “I know a breakup record is a little cliché. But I'm starting to like clichés! I wasn't afraid to go all the way. Forgetting about the breakup by singing about it is self-sabotage, but it also amuses me. » In parallel with this announcement, he today unveils a first extract with the new single 'Taxi'. This track perfectly presents the elements of his next album: wild grooves, humming choruses and cinematic strings, all against a funk backdrop accompanied by powerful bass and guitars. To die for!

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