Mokado Solene Millon 2


At the helm of his melodic techno played on the marimba, MOKADO continues his musical explorations. Supported by Perceval Carré in the production (L’Impératrice, Isaac Delusion...) the French producer offers a second electro album as rich as it is captivating. Following on from his first album “Marius”, several EPs accompanied by remixes, and numerous concerts (Zénith de Paris with Worakls, tour with Thylacine, Point Éphémère and Badaboum complete...), his new album “Maskoj”* will be released on March 10 2023. Structured around 9 traditional masks from around the world, it is composed so many titles inspired by their myths and legendary stories. Throughout the 40 minutes which compose it, we will thus be able to come across fantastic creatures such as the celestial dog Japanese (TENGU) or the Amikuk of the Alaska Native Tribes (YUPIK), pernicious demons and benevolent spirits (on NUO and KUMPO), or even ocean gods (TA MOKO) and Africans (TCHOKWÉS). To this strange bestiary straight out of a book by Borges are added a series of ritual masks ranging from the Venice Carnival (MORETTA) to the initiation ceremonies in Ivory Coast (SÉNOUFO) via the Mortlock Islands of Oceania (TAPU ANU). Sometimes warriors, mystics or charmers, these 9 pieces lead us into a dance frantic where UK garage drum machines, vintage analog synthesizers and folk instruments (yueqin, shamisen, dondo...).

*Maskoj (\ˈmas.koj\) means “masks” in Esperanto.

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